3D sketch of the new primary school at Southdale - West Lothian Council.

Primary school application

16 December 2014 / News/Press Release

A planning application by West Lothian Council relating to conditions for the new primary school at Southdale, including images, has been lodged.

The first phase of the new single stream primary school will provide modern facilities and include a nursery and 2 year old provision, along with playing fields and associated car parking and playgrounds. It is located on a brownfield site opposite the Asda supermarket.

Designed so that it can be easily extended, it will provide extra capacity when future housing in the area takes place, allowing for additional teaching up to two stream education, larger nursery provision and community facilities.

It is intended that the full cost of the school will be funded by developer contributions but forward funded via borrowing is required to ensure that the school is available for the 2016/17 academic year.

Further information on the planning application is available here.